Yoga for Sports

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How Yoga can help with your performance & enjoyment of Sports

The focus is all about ‘prehab’ not ‘rehab’. Using yoga mainly for; strength and conditioning, increased focus and stamina.
Yoga is the ONLY system that looks at the body as a WHOLE. When there are areas of tightness in the body it causes blockages, energy (oxygen/nutrients/hormones etc) is restricted creating a malfunction. If these systems are not in harmony then stress is built up in the body, making the body and all its systems (muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, immune, endocrine, digestive and nervous), unable to function at their prime optimum.

Core Strength

Because without it there is no power in that kick/throw – for it all comes from the core.


Bring strength and flexibility, preventing injury and building power and length, this increases the stride, giving it that little bit more which could make all the difference to your game.

Increasing Stamina

Yoga offers skills to build physical and emotional endurance, increasing stamina avoiding exhaustion. Using techniques to increase and regulate the supply of oxygen/glucose to the muscles to keep up with the physical demand.


Strengthening the surrounding muscles and tendons for protection, increasing lubrication to the joints, preventing injury.


Yoga builds flexibility and strengthens muscles, tendons and joints making them less susceptible to injury. If an injury does occur yoga brings an increased recovery rate, getting you back out at the sport you love quicker.

Breathing Techniques

Yoga offers unique breathing techniques which can control the nervous system by stimulating the body or calming it down.

Mental Focus

Yoga promotes a focused and positive frame of mind and teaches skills in training the mind to ‘being in the moment’ (bringing focus onto the sport in hand).


Increasing stability and strength. Balancing is the foundation of movement, without it, like a building constructed on a poor foundation, it collapses. Yoga brings steadiness.

Increased Motor Neuron Skills

Yoga stimulates the brain strengthening the nerve impulses to the muscles, which aid in co-ordination.

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