What People Are Saying

“Vanessa’s yoga classes are the best I have experienced and I have experienced the whole spectrum!

Her classes are small and intimate so she can be fully aware of how everyone is doing and give help where needed. It doesn’t matter what level you are – beginner or advanced – as Vanessa ensures each person pushes themselves just beyond their comfort zone, but never far enough to cause injury.

If you are looking for a dynamic exercise class that works the body as well as rebalancing it and eases the mind without focusing too much on the spiritual, this is the yoga class for you. If you like to have fun when exercising, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, what are you waiting for? Book your place now!”

Linda Hibburt – Yoga Junky’s™ No 1 Fan!

“What I love about Vanessa’s class is that there’s always a laugh, it’s not totally serious – like at my gym. Here is my testimonial about the benefits of Yoga Junky™.

After previous unexciting and sometimes disappointing classes taught by other instructors, I fell in love with yoga under Vanessa’s teaching. I always felt I was in safe hands. Her understanding of everyone’s different physique and her ability to explain what you should and shouldn’t be feeling make sure you are able to strike the poses correctly and safely so that you get maximum benefit made all the difference. I get a great workout where I am stronger, more toned, more flexible, and more relaxed than any other workout I’ve tried.

Physical Benefits
For people who think that yoga is for the mild, or just about humming and napping, think again. Practising yoga has helped me improve physically with balanced strength-building. It has improved my flexibility, joint condition and rid me of back pain. Everyone from athletes to pensioners should practice it for a better physique and quality of life.

Stress Management
Yoga has paid off for me in ways I didn’t expect. The breathing exercises and “relaxing the mind” exercises have helped me both professionally and personally in managing my stress, controlling my responses, and being more self-aware.”

Lisa Sorge
Lisa Sorge Property Styling