Yoga for Business

Tuition in Weybridge, Addlestone & Woking Surrey & surrounding areas

How Yoga can help your staff and business – Improving health & effectiveness

Did you know that 12 million working days are lost to British industry due to back problems, 316 million to colds and viruses and 7 million to stress? Yoga can help with all of these, a simple investment in yourself/staff can bring more effective working hours which translates as more times at the desk not at home in bed.

Manage your stress

In this modern day we are so used to stress and the over use of the sympathetic nervous system that we don’t know how to recognise stress. When the body is operating on a ‘red alert status’ all of the time our emotional state is out of balance (as is the endocrine system). Yoga helps you to recognise when the body is in a state of stress and offers the tools to manage it and bring you back into a state of balance.

Breathing techniques

The most common cause of headaches and fatigue is a lack of oxygen to the brain. Breathing techniques are used to either stimulate the brain, increasing alertness and stamina or for calming the body down.

Boosting immune system

Fighting against the germs passed around via the heating/air-conditioning systems and the worst culprits your colleagues, chronic stress also depletes the immune system and creates a susceptibility to disease. By reducing stress, yoga enhances the effectiveness of the immune system.


When you just cant think straight yoga offers skills to empty the mind, clearing it of all the ‘clutter’ enabling you to think clearer.