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Yoga Junky’s™ ethos is about empowerment and fun!

Not just empowering you as you overcome your body’s limitations, but more importantly empowering you as you overcome the limitations of the mind – for it is the mind that holds us back from reaching our full potential!

People often ask me what makes yoga different, well yoga is not just different, but unique! How? It is the only exercise system that is holistic, which means looking at the body as a ‘whole’, where the physical, emotional and intellectual are all intrinsically linked which consequently has a huge impact on our health and emotions.

Ask any Doctor and they will agree that stress is the trigger to sickness and disease. Yoga doesn’t just give the tools to recognise when your body is under stress, but more importantly it offers you tools to reduce stress and manage it, therefore giving you back the control of not just your health, but also your emotions, (which is what stress is). It’s very empowering to realise that your emotions are not in control of you, but you have just allowed them to be. Why? Because no one has taught you otherwise, but yoga will!

More about the health & happiness benefits of yoga – See the Mindfullness page.

Yoga Teacher Vanessa Dale

Yoga Junky is brought to you by Vanessa Dale, who has been teaching yoga since 2003.

Yoga Classes

Yoga Junky offers a strength & conditioning class! By keeping it flowing, with upbeat music playing, it helps give a focus to those with overactive minds.

For locations, times and prices, see the Classes page.