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Yoga Junky's™ ethos is about empowerment and fun! Not just empowering you as you overcome your body's limitations, but more importantly empowering you as you overcome the limitations of the mind!

Yoga Junky offers Power Yoga! This style is increasing in popularity as its focus is mainly on strength and conditioning, fantastic for getting fit!

The format for this style is presented as a ‘flow’ class - which means the practice is dynamic, purposely kept moving with various options given to encourage students to find ‘their edge’ – the reason for this is two fold, the first is obviously to build strength but secondly, and more importantly. to make it strong enough to stop the mind from wandering, which is great for students who find it hard to focus.

Although it is generally recognised as a strong class (not recommended for those who want a very gentle class), it is still open to all, as the strength element of the class is not expected the first time a student comes onto the mat, as we all have to start somewhere. Yoga is very individual and encourages students to listen to their own body, for it is NOT a competition therefore it is expected that it will be a gradual process and to facilitate this students are offered different options, varying in strength, to enable students to adapt and tailor the class to their own specific needs.

Power Yoga is not about forcing yourself into positions your body is not yet ready for, but it is about establishing what your body is able to do and providing building blocks to progress and develop your postures to the next level, but only when your BODY is ready, therefore keeping the practice safe, and more importantly within your own limits, for we are all individuals with different abilities and that is the wonder of yoga, it encompass all. Yoga is not a competition and Vanessa encourages students to not take it all so seriously for we all have strengths and challenges, the focus is on what you CAN do not what you can’t because if you stick with it you will overcome the challenges, but in your own time. The emphasis is about having fun and enjoying the journey!

Date; Saturday 22nd November
Workshop; Inversions Broken Down
Venue; Red Hot Yoga, Guildford, Surrey
Time; 1500 - 1700
Fee; 30
Date; Saturday 6th December
Workshop; Introduction to Power Yoga
Venue; Akram Hot Yoga, Woking, Surrey
Time; 1400 - 1600
Fee; 25

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