Welcome to Yoga Junky

Yoga Junky's™ ethos is about empowerment and fun! Not just empowering you as you overcome your body's limitations, but more importantly empowering you as you overcome the limitations of the mind!

Yoga Junky offers a dynamic and challenging class with an emphasis on having fun!
If you are looking for a very gentle class, then I am not the teacher for you, but if you want a class to challenge you, burn fat and build strength, then I may be the teacher for you.
Obviously you build up to this slowly and work at your own pace, to enable you to do that we offer various options so you can tailor the class to suit your level.

Yoga is magical it heals the mind body and soul, feel empowered, relieve physical and emotional pain, become re-inspired about life and discover your divine greatness. Come along try Yoga Junky™ and 'Get Addicted!'...

(see 'classes' page for further details)

‘Beware of your boomerang!’..

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